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 A Junkyard Dog - A Picture of America's Youth

A Junkyard Dog Cover 318


A comparison to how the youth of America are raised to a junkyard dog. The similarities are stunning. The author paints a picture that is hard to ignore. A must read for parents of today. Coming in July 2018. Pre-orders starting now. Get your copy today.




Am I Good Enough?


Am I Good Enough Book Cover 318


Almost everyone has thought this a time or two in their life. But, what about those who feel this way all the time? Meet Sally, a popular girl who has it all, but feel like she has nothing. Plagued by the constant nagging in her mind that she is not good enough, she walks through life in a daze. She wonders, "What will break the spell? Will she find her way out?" Read this gripping, heartbreaking novel about one woman's struggle. Coming in September 2018.



I Am Not My Disease

I am Not My Disease Book Cover 318

How do you let people know that what you have is not who you are? That you have feelings, emotions, and a heart like everyone else? Madilynn is a woman who has Type I Diabetes. She has had it most of her life, since she was young, and doesn't remember when she ever felt normal. Now she is a grown woman who wants to find love. The problem is, how do you make someone see you, get to know you, love you, for who you are. Follow her as she fights life's ups and downs looking for that special someone. Cry with her when she fails, and recovers, and when she wants to give up. Coming November 2018.



It's OK To Be Small

Its OK To Be Small Book Cover 318

Being small in a world full of big is not easy. Emily was born tiny. Her mother tells her that just because you are small on the outside, does not mean you are small on the inside. She wants to believe her but feels she can't live up to the size everyone else wants her to be. She struggles with giving up and being small and invisible, or listening to her mother and being small, in a big way. Find out what size wins in this heartwarming tale. Coming in December 2018.

Where Do I Fit In?

Where Do I Fit In Book Cover 318

Roxanne is a normal girl, well she looks normal, but she feels anything but. She feels like she is being ripped in two. Her Dad wants her to live with him, and her Mom thinks she should be with her. She has just come to the age where the court would let her decide. She knows that somebody has to lose, but who? Will it be her? Her Mom? Her Dad? Or maybe her sister? What will she decide? This story affects a lot of kids today. Find out what Roxanne learns about herself and the other members of her family. Coming in January 2018.

The Sadness of Henry

The Sadness of Henry Book Cover 318

Why did they have to raise me this way? What did I do to deserve this? These are what Henry is thinking almost every day. He wonders why his parents have to act like this. What makes them so mean? He hopes that he will be free of them one day and never see them again. Can he find normal and have a life of his own? Share the story of a boy who struggles with trying to be good and the pull of his parents deceit. Coming in October 2018.